Picture of the Week

Slideshow – Bolivia

Slideshow #3 of our Best of albums.  This time, jumping back to the amazing few weeks we spent in Bolivia.  Check out some of the highlights:

Picture of the Week

Back on safari!  This time in and around the famed Serengeti National Park.  And who doesn’t love pictures of baby lions?!

Lion cubs

Cubs playing

This is about how close we got

Picture of the Week

Zanzibar’s white sand beaches and turquoise waters – this place is as cool as it sounds.

The white-sand beachs of Zanzibar's east coast

Ted wants to learn how to kite surf...in Zanzibar

Slideshow – Peru

Slideshow #2 of our Best Of albums, this time from our amazing month in Peru.  Enjoy the pics!

Slideshow – Ecuador

Our good friends, Jesse and Dave, recently introduced me to this cool new blog feature that allows for a picture slideshow within a post.  So I decided to feature some slideshows of our Best Of photo albums.  Here’s the first – back to August 2010 in Ecuador.  Enjoy…

Picture of the Week

Petting cheetahs.  You know, a regular day in Africa. :)

Petting Cheetahs

Petting Cheetahs

Picture of the Week

After all this talk about safaris, it’s about time we share some animal photos.  For a detailed look at all of our favorites, check out our African Mega-Fauna photo album.  A few highlights are below.

African Wild Dog



Cape Buffalo

Male Lion



Picture of the Week

Iguazu Falls – certainly one of the natural wonders of the world

Iguazu Falls

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