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Our good friends, Jesse and Dave, recently introduced me to this cool new blog feature that allows for a picture slideshow within a post.  So I decided to feature some slideshows of our Best Of photo albums.  Here’s the first – back to August 2010 in Ecuador.  Enjoy…

A little bit Euro, a little bit Ecuador

Cuena is a city that has the most impressive architecture that we’ve seen in Ecuador. We had heard lots about this place both before we left the United States and again when we arrived. It´s a city of about 500,000 people and is really quite beautiful. Amazing churches, plazas and just regular ´ole spectacular buildings are around every corner. It is also a university town home to a large ex-pat community. As the city is a melting pot of people from near and far, it houses a diverse selection of restaurants and bars, and is also the place in Ecaudor to enroll in Spanish school.
Ted and I aren´t particularly museum buffs or church visitors, so we just wandered around and took in the sites. Part of Cuenca´s charm and appeal is just being there. We often found ourselves grabbing a bite to eat and watching the world go by.
And as our travels happened to land us there for a Saturday night, and as the town is full of young people, and as all the bars that Lonely Planet recommended were around the corner from our hostel, we found ourselves out on the town for one of the first times on our trip. We had a hilarious time bar-hopping and even met some fun folks to chat us up in Spanish and sing songs while playing their guitar. However, when the regular bars closed at 2 a.m. and everyone moved onto to the discos for some salsa dancing, that is when we had to call it a night.

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