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Indian Subcontinent – The Numbers

The numeric story of our time in the Indian Subcontinent:

  • 35 – Days we spent in India
  • 29 – Days we spent in Nepal
  • 47 – Hours spent traveling by train
  • 72 – Hours spent traveling by bus
  • 0 – Hours spent traveling by plane
  • 18 – Hours spent on our longest single commute in India (Jodhpur – Amritsar)
  • 31 – Number of beds we slept in
  • 1112 – Photos taken (and kept) in India
  • 1621 – Photos taken (and kept) in Nepal (the most of any single country)
  • 7 – Average number of times we had to say “no” before Indian people got the hint
  • 2 – Elephants we encountered in the streets of India’s cities
  • 3 – Yoga classes taken in Rishikesh, Ted’s first ever
  • 11 – Days we spent hiking the Annapurna Circuit
  • 90 – Miles we hiked on the Annapurna Circuit
  • 14,337 – Vertical feet climbed on the Annapurna Circuit
  • 15,912 – elevation of Thorong High View Camp, the highest we’ve ever slept
  • 17,769 – elevation of Thorong La Pass, our highest hike in Asia
  • $59.18 – average price per day in India (for both of us)
  • $71.55 – average price per day in Nepal (for both of us)
  • 100+ – Number of cups of delicious Chai tea

Be sure to check out our Best of India, Best of Nepal, and Annapurna Highlights albums to see some of our favorite moments of this chaotic land.

Coffee’s Got Nothin on Chai

Chai (or more specifically, Masala Chai) is the staple liquid of India. A milk-based black tea flavored with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and lots of sugar, chai is more ubiquitous than coffee, and in my opinion, is far superior in taste. Served by street vendors known as “chai wallahs (a wallah is a person that performs a service – you have your laundry ironed by a “press wallah”, your shoes shined by a “shoe wallah”, etc), you can order a chai in a train, in a food stall, in a museum, in a restaurant, or basically on any corner in all of northern India. Sometimes served in a teapot, other times in a glass, and occasionally in a plastic bag, masala chai will forever be one of my favorite hot drinks.

Personal Chai Teapots

Chai in a glass

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